Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Designs

I have been busy getting new Applique designs and ordering new shirts.  I am really excited about the new applique designs.  They are super cute.  I do have a few shirts in stock and they are 1 4T red shirt, 18 mo and 12 mo white shirt, 1 18 mo light blue shirt, Girl 3T and 24 mo hot pink shirt, Girl 3T black shirt, 1 18 mo green shirt and onesies in nb, 9, 3, NB and 24mo sizes in stock now.  If you want a 4th of July shirt I would need to know by the end of this week so I can get it out to you by next week.  I will be on vacation from June 17-29.  All other orders will be done and sent out after I return.  I hope you see something you like!

Rock Star is a whole alphabet 

The fabric in the back ground of all of the designs can be changed as well.  for example the turtle could be done with a pink gingham shell for a little girl.

Prices for the applique design shirts are $16 add $3-$5 for initials or name

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherries Applique

I feel so bad because I am always making things for other people and never for my own child.  In fact the other day when I finished one of my projects for an order my daughter got really excited and said "Mine?".  That's when I knew it was time I did something for her.  I used the cherry applique with buttons to make a plain outfit look sew cute!!!!

This would be cute on a plain white top as well.  On white shirt will sell for $16

Elephant Applique

A friend of mine ordered an Elephant shirt for her little boy and it is turning out so cute.  I took the picture before I personalize it.  Once finished I will post more.  It would also look cute for a little girl with little pink bows on the ears.  These shirts with personalization will sell for $16.

Hooded Towels

Recently I was asked to make a hooded towel for a customer for a baby gift.  I had a blast taking on something new and being creative with it.  The first one I made with a large towel and a hand towel.  I loved how it turned out but realized that it was too big for a baby.  This towel would be perfect for kids ages 4-7 years old and would be super cute personalized.  If you like it let me know or if you want one similar but in different fabric I can do that as well.  The hooded towel sells for $20 with personalization $25.

This towel the hood is placed in the middle of the towel.  the circle detail is sewn on the bottom corner.  Wouldn't it be cute with the child's initials in the big circle?!?
This towel was done with a smaller towel and a wash cloth making it the perfect size for babies and toddlers.  I added a ribbon detail on the hood and a cute little helicopter on the bottom corner.  This picture shows the bottom corner folded into the hood.  When wearing the helicopter would be in the other direction.